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Elektron Digitakt / 5 Things I Learned on My First Try

The Elektron Digitakt is a digital drum machine with a sound engine capable of up to four-channel mixing. It can be used as an external sequencer for other synthesizers. Here are five aspects I learned about the Digitakt on my first try.

Overbridge Setup With Logic
When Elektron Overbridge came along, it didn’t make sense for my workflow.
I’ve been a long time user of Elektron’s products since I first started with the Octatrack in 2013-14, and I’ve found their hardware to be some of the most creative and innovative in the music production industry. But Digitakt changed my mind. Setting it up with Logic Pro can me a little stressful, but in this video I will show you how to do it.

“Song Mode”
How to develop a song and record it into logic

Building drum kits with the Elektron Digitakt.
The Digitakt is a fantastic drum machine and sampler, with plenty of features to keep you occupied for years, without having to buy other packs out there. I would advice you to go through all the stock sounds if you are new like me and pick the ones that you love.
After that You can generate a project with different kits like I show you in this video.

Parameter locks to break out your writers block
if you are idea less or are in a rutt, trigger all the sounds all the sounds and hit the probability for the entire track. See how something so simple can get you into a groove and help you make a track from scratch

Bonus tip at the end

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Elektron Digitakt / 5 Things I Learned on My First Try