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Elektron Digitone First Impressions

🎛🎚🎧🎼🎵in this video I go over my first impressions on the Elektron Digitone after playing around with it for a couple of weeks. The more I dive into the Elektron Digitone the more I love the possibilities that it brings to my music production. The only one thing that I think is missing is the ability to us the Elektron Digitone Arpeggiator with the MIDI tracks. You can use the notes to trigger MIDI on external Synths, but you can’t use the Arpeggiator WTF? .
The Elektron Digitone is an Eight voice polyphonic digital synthesizer
Elektron Digitone represents Elektrons vision of how FM synthesis can be revitalized and modernized.
Here’s how: combine FM sound generation with a classic subtractive synthesis signal flow. From jagged chaos to mellow soundscapes in less than a second. The Elektron Digitone is one unique box.
Its Ultra digital! Choose from multiple FM algorithms featuring carefully selected parameters. Shape the tones with powerful filters. Arrange them with the intuitive Elektron sequencer. Round off with the stellar effects. Enjoy the most spectacular sounds, seemingly emanating from some parallel universe. 🎛🎚🎧🎼🎵

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Elektron Digitone First Impression