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How to Control External Synths with Maschine Jam MIDI out, Logic Pro X and Elektron Analog Four
Here is a link to Elektron Analog Here:
Native Instruments Maschine Jam :
Logic Pro X:
Boss Rv6:
Video explaining how you can control your external synths or external gear with Native Instruments Maschine Jam, while Using Logic Pro X as your DAW. In Ableton Live you can do it directly when you are using the Native Instruments Maschine Software inside Ableton Live, but in Logic Pro since you use Audio units and not VST you have to do a workaround so you can use all the different functions of Native Instruments Maschine Jam with your external Synth and Gear in Logic Pro X.

For this tutorial I used:
Native Instruments
Maschine Jam
Elektron Analog Four
Universal Audio Apollo Twin
Presonus Monitor Station
Logic Pro X
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