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Mind blowing support for our upcoming release Belele by @pauloseppmusic remixed by @julioo_music and ME , here are some of the feedback we have been getting @concretepromo :
Eli & Fur : “ Love this! Thanks” 5/5
Oscar G: “Killer Groove” 5/5
Nic Fanciulli: “4/5”
Francis Davila: “Wow… Remixes are so good! Love them. I’ll play all them” 5/5
Lupe Fuentes: “Full support! sick remixs”5/5
Robosonic: “Nice!” 5/5
Mednas: “Supporting” 5/5
Poli Siufi: “nice remixers” 4/5
Robert Van Ryn: “ Liking the Julioo remix, top work” 4/5
Housetronix: “Nice Groove” 4/5
Charl Chaka: “Like this Groove!” 3/5
Chris Lake: “4/5”
Alec Monopoly : “4/5”
Roog: “Thanks” 4/5
Marco Carola: “3/5”
DJ Anna Lee: “Thanks” 5/5
Mark Wilson: “Banger” 5/5