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Really excited about our newest release on @norobotmusic. Its out for pre order today on @beatport. Grab your copy here: Link:
Here are some notes about Lost Rings of Phobos Feat Ellinda by @imoon59_official & @stanis_off:
Imoon and Stygia have masterfully crafted a musical experience that transcends boundaries,
taking us on an exploration of soundscapes that ignite our senses. The ethereal melodies
entwine with pulsating rhythms, creating an immersive atmosphere with Ellinda’s voice that
transports us to another dimension. Whether you are seeking solace in solitude or craving an
otherworldly experience on the dancefloor, this release is your ultimate companion.
1. Julioo’s Organic House Remix:
@julioo_music, a master of his craft, once again delivers an awe-inspiring Organic House remix ith his
signature blend of hypnotic beats and ethereal sounds, he effortlessly creates an immersive
experience for the dance floor
2. Ausgus’ @ae_cardeMelodic Piano Composition:
Get ready to be captivated by Augus’ extraordinary talent in crafting beautiful melodies. His
melodic piano composition is a masterpiece that tugs at the heartstrings and evokes a range of
3. Worren Herrera’s  @worrenherrera Dancefloor Scorcher:
For those who crave high-energy beats and infectious rhythms, Worren Herrera has got you
covered! Brace yourself for another scorcher designed specifically for the dancefloor. With
pulsating basslines and irresistible grooves, this remix is guaranteed to ignite your senses and
keep you moving all night long.

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