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Self Distancing Jam Session 02 Elektron Octatrack Digitone Korg Minilogue XD

In the midst of the world changing with the COVID-19 pandemic, I have decided to start recording more Jam Sessions and putting to perspective what I learn about my machines. This was inspired by an Isolation

En medio del mundo que cambia con la pandemia de COVID-19, he decidido comenzar a grabar más Jam Sessions y poner en perspectiva lo que aprendo sobre mis máquinas.
Inspired by this Poem: Even from isolation

Love never dies
and always tries
to remain as one
but alas! it may not be for everyone

love needs a desire
to admire
one another
and live sans fear

but love grows
and shows
eternal feelings
for being in love

you may love from the distance
but shall have no chance
to express feelings of love and attachment
this creates bonding and affectionate moment

nevertheless, it is a permanent impression
till you advance the life’s cessation
you can term it as divine relation
where one loves even from the grave’s isolation

By Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta

For those who don’t know me I’m a Guatemalan based in Denver Colorado. I started making music after going to a festival called Semana de Musica Avanzada. Were I saw a video on how the Guatemalan Electronic music had started. I had 0 musical training or experience.
So I decided to get Ableton live and a Midi Keyboard and figure it out. Soon after I figured out that it was not going to be easy. I saw music as a way to express feelings, emotions and connect with people.

Now 10 years later I have released in labels like Global Underground, Babiczstyle, and Moody Recordings. I have been able to releases alongside artist’s likes of Robert Babicz, Xpansul, Jaceo, Jonas Tempel, Ben A and Rick Wade. I Love blending gritty organic sounds with Latin instrumentation, celebrating My Latin roots and bringing that uniqueness to my production.

I served as Mentor for Redline ArtCorps a network of programs that support the arts at under-resourced schools in RedLine’s community of Five Points. By establishing strong connections between art, education, and the community, ArtCorps increases student’s opportunities for creative engagement in schools, allowing for a more rigorous and well-rounded education. I mentored Evan to learn how to produce music and channel his energy into music.

During my period with Redline, I understood that passing down knowledge has more impact and that Is why I decided to start my YouTube channel journey and help people interested in making music in a non-technical way with videos about music production based on my experience and mistakes that I’ve made in my music production journey.

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Self Distancing Jam Session 02 Elektron Octatrack Digitone
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