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Roy Malakian, a music producer from Beirut, presents us with his EP titled “6:08 PM in Beirut”. Roy invites you on a captivating journey through melodic sounds infused with Middle Eastern influences. The original track takes you on a sonic adventure, painting vivid images of the bustling streets and mesmerizing landscapes of Beirut. 608 PM in Beirut is not just music; it’s an experience that ignites your senses and connects you with a deep passion for both electronic music and cultural heritage.

This EP features 3 remixes that bring a unique character to the original track. Mayen’s remix adds a deep progressive sound to the original track, while Casta’s remix infuses an indie dance and broken beats vibe into his interpretation. Paulo Sepp’s remix brings together a unique blend of Afro and Middle Eastern sounds.

Release Top 100 Releases by Genre:

Organic House #46
Melodic Techno #90
Indie Dance #31
Afro House # 27